We are the sole recognised trade union for NHBC employees

Our Mission

To ensure that the best interests of all NHBC employees are central to business decisions, and that everyone is treated fairly and without discrimination.

Our Vision

To improve the satisfaction, wellbeing and working conditions of NHBC’s employees to help NHBC strengthen its position as a market-leading organisation that is able to retain and recruit the talent it needs for success.

We will achieve this by maintaining a constructive relationship with NHBC, which recognises and balances NHBC’s need to manage its business with the needs of its employees.

Member led – Run by members for members

  • The NHBC Staff Association (SA) was formed in 1980 and is the trade union for staff at NHBC.

  • It places member and staff needs at the heart of everything it does.

  • The SA and NHBC agree to work collaboratively wherever possible to address issues affecting NHBC’s employees, reaching mutually agreeable solutions to problems.

  • The SA is recognised by NHBC as the consultative body for all staff within the company, detailed in a Recognition Agreement signed by NHBC’s Chief Executive.

  • The SA is registered and listed (#711T) with the Certification Officer for Trade Unions and Employers, Associations.

  • The SA holds a Certificate of Independence, as issued by the Certification Officer, which proves that the SA is not under undue influence of NHBC in fulfilling the duties above.

  • The SA is not a militant trade union – but reserves the right to industrial action in extreme situations, where agreement cannot be reached.

What membership Offers You


Members actively and democratically shape our work and decision making.

As a membership organisation, our members are central to our success.

Our members are at the heart of our decision-making processes:

  • Members elect their representatives and executive team
  • The opinions of members are sought on key issues, directly shaping decisions
  • Members exercise their right to vote to accept key decisions
  • Members are balloted on negotiated pay and benefit settlements

Members annually elect their representative and executive committees on three-year terms, with normally no more than 7 re-elected in any one year, to retain stability.

The outcomes of member votes will be respected, and their views and opinions will shape the work we undertake on your behalf.

Professional Excellence

We will be the best we can at everything we do, providing members with timely, reliable, informed and expert assistance, backed by a range of appropriate support services.

Everything the SA does is for the benefit of its members and funded by membership fees – so almost all of its work and services are for members only.

The SA will make sure its representatives and executive committee are well skilled and trained to deal with issues that members may bring to them. We will use good judgement and discretion in addressing members’ needs; and in most cases will look beyond individual needs towards the best interest of our collective membership.

The SA will also work to best practice methods wherever possible, including in its operating, administrative and accounting processes; being transparent about the work we are do, communicating with members well, and respecting the right of members to scrutinise what we do on their behalf.

The SA will network with or affiliate to external organisations as appropriate, to access knowledge and resources; but will not allow external organisations to dictate its affairs or compromise its integrity. The SA is currently affiliated to the Trades Union Congress (TUC), General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) and the Labour Research Department (LRD).

Value for Money

We ensure that members’ fees are used to best effect, and are not disproportionate to the services we do provide, or may in future.

SA membership fees remain incredibly low, at only £2.50 a month; compared to other unions which typically charge members around £16.

All the SA’s member services are provided for within the funds generated by the member fee. The SA has no other income streams. This income stream generates modest yearly profits. Therefore:

  • The SA must work hard on behalf of its members to justify the fee
  • Must provide service excellence

The SA is able to keep fees low in part because it enjoys the support of NHBC for infrastructure and routine expenses, not uncommon among trade unions. This support is detailed in a Facilities Agreement signed by the NHBC Chief Executive.

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Negotiation and Consultation

The SA has collective bargaining power which means that it is active in this area, consulting on issues affecting SA members and other staff.

Examples include; salary, benefits, annual salary increases (including an annual salary survey), the PDR process, job evaluation, bonus and working conditions (including hours of work and contractual terms and conditions).

The SA Executive team is also involved with joint committees and working parties at NHBC; H&S, Pensions and Return to Work for example.

Disciplinaries and Grievances

We offer individual members advice and representation both informally and in formal procedures (such as disciplinary/grievance meetings, etc...).  If an employee feels that they have been treated unfairly we will work with them to understand the situation and suggest and support the best route to resolution. 

We aim to protect members in disciplinary cases and representation in grievances against alleged unfair treatment at work. We seek to remedy unfairness, ensure equitable treatment and prevent victimisation and discrimination.

In addition, we can act collectively if there are groups of members that are affected by a situation.

Please Remember

You DO NOT need to be a member to seek advice, please contact the SA in the first instance and talk to us.


Although we are not recognised as a large, campaigning union, we do run employee driven campaigns. Following a suggestion from a member we ran a successful campaign on period dignity, leading to the introduction of free period products in ladies’ and unisex toilets across the NHBC office network.

We work closely with HR to ensure that our messages align and that we are communicating with a joined-up voice.

We ask members what issues are affecting them, and work with NHBC to resolve them appropriately. 

We will work on the campaigns most important to members at any one time.

Your SA is:

  • Fully independent of the NHBC business
  • An insurance policy for members needing help and advice via a national network of SA representatives
  • Accepted as being the only recognised negotiation and consultation body at NHBC
  • Reputed for working collaboratively to address issues affecting NHBC’s employees
  • Value for money - we only ever use members fees' appropriately and to best effect, fees are proportionate to the services we provide.
  • Member led - with members actively and democratically shaping our work and decision-making.

Your SA is:

  • Considered - balancing the needs of our members by being reasoned and well researched
  • Well regarded by employees and the Senior Executive team
  • A group of people who are supportive and encouraging, and want only the best and fairest outcome for all employees
  • Inclusive of all, anyone can be a member of the SA regardless of political standing.
  • And, whilst we are independent of the NHBC business, we are also fully supported by NHBC; allowing time for SA representatives to carry out duties, including consultations and negotiations, for example.