The Staff Association has attended the TUC Women’s conference each year since affiliating with the TUC.

Women (and the occasional man) from all unions attend and submit motions which are female focused to the committee, these are seconded, supported or opposed by a number of sister unions and if carried will form the strategy for TUC Women’s committee the following year. We also vote on a motion to be carried to TUC Congress and also vote on any ballots for membership of the TUC Women’s committee for the following year.

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For the 2024 Women’s conference there was a lot of focus on sexual harassment in the workplace. This of course can be received by anyone however, reportedly, women are much more likely to be victims.

The SA’s focus and votes are always in favour of motions that would benefit the female population at NHBC.

Motions of focus for the NHBC SA were:

  1. Closing the gender pay and pensions gaps – Julia spoke in favour of this motion
  2. Flexible working – voted for by the Staff Association delegates to be taken to Congress
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We also voted in favour of a number of motions supporting:

  • Women’s rights
  • Ending violence against women and girls
  • Ending third party harassment
  • Women in Tech and STEM roles
  • Women’s health at every stage in life including menstruation, maternity, menopause and bereavement
  • Women’s caring responsibilities and the impact on cost of living

The SA Executive Committee will discuss actions to take forward and, as always, will work tirelessly in the background with NHBC to ensure that our members’ voices are heard.