Building Safety Registration Update 2

14 Feb Update - we have had some further discussion with HR colleagues. We believe that the points which you have raised have been fully considered and will shortly issue our FAQ in response via email, as stated below.

We are waiting for one answer regarding the registration fee for year 2. Our point is that this should be considered as a professional registration, and therefore covered by NHBC in common with the current policy on supporting two registrations.

Once have a response to this, we will add this to the FAQ.

8 Feb Update - we have had responses to some questions which we raised but discussion is ongoing. We have been told that no FAQ will be issued by the business, so we will compile one as soon as we are able and circulate this. As this is an external website, the FAQ will be circulated internally via email. We do have some positive news though:

  1. It was the intention that the recoverable amount will reduce by 1/24 for each month during the 2 year period. This was not made clear in the Docusign letter but will be applied.
  2. Ongoing registration fees outside of the 2 year period are not subject to a claw back.

Further updates to follow - please bookmark the page.

Original post - We have been made aware of various concerns and questions regarding recent communication regarding BSR. while I understand that you may have been directed to your Line Manager or others in the management chain, we are raising your concerns at the highest level.

We will post further updates to this news feed as we have substantive updates for you, and if you are concerned over the terms of the agreement that you have either signed or are yet to sign, please reach out to our usual Staff Association mailbox, your local rep or a rep for you functional area.

Transgender Day of Remembrance- 20 November

In support of Transgender Day of Remembrance 2023, the General Secretary of your Staff Association, Julia Georgiou, was asked by the TUC to write a short blog piece to be published on the TUC feed.

Transgender Day of Remembrance brings to a close Trans Awareness Week (13 November - 19 November)

TUC Blog page


Remember Brianna Ghey – her 17th birthday would have been on the 7/11 had she not been killed in a Warrington park earlier this year.

Remember Alice Litman, who died while waiting over three years for the care which is likely to have saved her – a wait which was heavily criticised by the Coroner for West Sussex.

Our thoughts are with you and your families.

Remember too, the 26 trans and non-binary people murdered in the US since the last TDoR. Violent deaths which all could have been prevented with greater understanding and empathy from society and political leaders in particular.

Remember that LGBTQ+ people face growing risk around the world but notably in countries in central Europe, Russia, Middle Eastern countries, the US, and others.

Remember that Uganda has enacted the most horrific laws against LGBTQ+ people this year, and other African nations are seeking to follow suit.

Remember that in 2017 Theresa May committed her Conservative Government to banning conversion therapy and improving trans rights.

Remember that on the 7 November Sunak & Co again failed our communities by not announcing legislation to ban this abhorrent practice for all LGBT+ people in the final King’s Speech of this failed Government, opening the door for further torture while those in charge of our country pander to a minority of their own MPs.

Remember that trans and non-binary people have been present in society for thousands of years, without causing any problems or diminishing women’s rights. That we stood at the forefront of Stonewall fighting for LGB rights, before LGBTQ+ was the umbrella term. That we stood with miners on their picket lines in the 80s. That we stand with women in the fight for their rights to equal pay and conditions, safe spaces in the same way that we need all of these equalities.

On Trans Day of Remembrance 2023, remember that we’re only human. Your friends, your siblings. Your children, your partners or your parents.

That all we ask is to be able to live freely and with dignity in an equal society without threat of ridicule, violence or death. To work in equal workplaces, for a fair week’s wage. To receive treatment if that is what we seek, without years of waiting.


It's election time

You may have seen an email last week from Civica, our independent election provider, opening elections for two posts:

Deputy General Secretary


Both roles are open to nominations from you, the wider membership. Full details of the roles and how to submit your nomination can be found within the email from Civica Election Services. Nominations close at 11:59 p.m. Monday 25th September 2023.

In addition to the two posts within the executive team there are a number of current department and geographical representative posts which are also due re-election. these are:

Re-election this year given our 3 year term of office:

  • Neil Wootton               North East and Tech Ops
  • Veronica Fiore            South East and Major Projects

The following co-opted reps to be confirmed:

  • David Topping             Northern Ireland and BI
  • Tracey Hughes           MK (Commercial – Regional Directors)

In addition we have two vacancies which could be filled in any of the following areas:

  • East & Central
  • Scotland
  • South West
  • West & Wales
  • Milton Keynes (Head office)

If you are interested an of the roles please e-mail us at You should be supported by one other member of the SA but in the first instance, we’re simply seeking expressions of interest.

You MUST submit a nomination if:

  • your existing role as rep is due for re-election
  • you wish to contest any of the roles due for re-election or confirmation following co-option,
  • you are interested in becoming a rep to either fill any of the vacancies.

Nominations will close on Monday 25th September at midnight.

Any nomination received after this time will be excluded. We will report back on nominations and arrange any elections soon after the closure of nominations.

Should we receive more nominations than there are posts available in any particular region or department we may need to hold elections which will be organised digitally.

Julia at TUC LGBT+ Conference

In June recently represented the NHBC SA members at the annual TUC LGBT+ Committee.

I was proud to be Chair of Conference for the first Thursday morning session, opening Conference and making sure everyone felt included, including those who were there on their own or for the first time.

As a member of the TUC LGBT+ Committee and a member of the NHBC LGBT+ Network steering group, taking part in this conference enables me to represent members’ views and further show NHBC as a progressive organisation.

At Thursday lunchtime, I chaired the Trans and Non-binary Worker’s Caucus, where other delegates could attend in a safe space. I heard some disturbing reports of bias and discrimination from other union reps, thankfully situations I don’t recognise as a trans woman at NHBC.

During the Conference I spoke in support of one motion and proposed an emergency motion regarding the behaviour of the Board of the EHRC who have taken some unusual positions on trans rights. In particular some advice to Government which, if made into laws, would affect many other gender non-confirming people be they trans, non-binary or just look different to other people.

I was successfully re-elected to the LGBT+ Committee for my 5th year


Your SA @ GFTU

In May the Executive Committee attended the GFTU Biennial General Council meeting, or BGCM. This started on a Sunday lunchtime and ran through to Tuesday afternoon, and we had a very busy couple of days!

The BGCM is the GFTU’s policy making conference, and this was an important one, welcoming in a new General Secretary, Gawain Little, with the current GS, Doug Nicholls, retiring. I first met Doug some time ago and he was a good help to our former Gen Sec, Tom, and has also been a help to me with advice and accessing services which have benefited a number of SA members.

I was proud to speak in support of motions regarding better fitting PPE for women along with the confusing and changing landscape of student loans. These have recently changed and will impact more graduates in the future, with women disproportionately affected by repayments. I know many of you will have children or other family members who will be affected by this.

I was also pleased to propose a motion to the BGCM which will enhance how the GFTU supports smaller unions with equality issues. Many bigger unions have separate equality structures to support their members, which mirror NHBC’s networks. With gender pay gap reporting, we know how women’s pay is below that of men doing a similar job and this is reflected in NHBC’s reporting - here.

TUC reports indicate a similar gap with disabled workers, Black workers (TUC term used) and LGBT+ workers.

Supporting smaller unions like ours with their equality structures will help us share best practice and get stronger for you, our members.

NHBC SA at TUC Women's Conference

Two NHBC SA Reps - Gemma Payne and Lotti Corrie - were recently at the TUC Women's Conference. Gemma writes:

The conference was very interesting and had many areas of discussion. The main focus was around sexual harassment in the work place, misogyny, the gender pay gap, and women’s health although many other topics were also raised.

All motions, except one, were carried unanimously

The motion that was not carried was to request for menopause to be added to the list of disabilities in the protected characteristics. The fear of opening up the protected characteristics found in the Equalities Act 2010 for scrutiny under the current government could completely backfire and do more harm than good.

The consensus is that the menopause should sit alone as it’s own characteristic, at least until a government that will not pick away at the current protected characteristics are in power.

TUC Women's Conference 2023
Tuc Womens Conference 2023 2


Rachel Reeves – Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, attended the conference for a brief half an hour. She was asked some questions from the floor including being asked the question set by Julia ahead of the conference:

“The gender pay gap remains stubbornly high with an impact throughout working life and beyond into retirement. What action would a Labour Government take to close the gap within its first term of office?”

The response was that there is going to be a gender pay gap review, headed up by Frances O’Grady – The former TUC General Secretary, and that the ambition is to close the pay gap at a faster pace than the current expected 20 years.

Review of subsistence allowance

With everyone feeling the cost of living increase you made us aware that the subsistence allowance has not kept up with the price of lunch and a coffee! Armed with your concerns and our own research we approached the business to review the current rates and suggest some movement so that those eligible are not paying out of pocket when on the road.

We are pleased to confirm that we convinced the business to commence a review. Full details of any changes will be announced by NHBC in the near future.

Prize draw winner!

Congratulations to Matt Turner who won the SA quarterly prize draw in March! Enjoy spending your £50 vouchers.

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