Two NHBC SA Reps - Gemma Payne and Lotti Corrie - were recently at the TUC Women's Conference. Gemma writes:

The conference was very interesting and had many areas of discussion. The main focus was around sexual harassment in the work place, misogyny, the gender pay gap, and women’s health although many other topics were also raised.

All motions, except one, were carried unanimously

The motion that was not carried was to request for menopause to be added to the list of disabilities in the protected characteristics. The fear of opening up the protected characteristics found in the Equalities Act 2010 for scrutiny under the current government could completely backfire and do more harm than good.

The consensus is that the menopause should sit alone as it’s own characteristic, at least until a government that will not pick away at the current protected characteristics are in power.

TUC Women's Conference 2023
Tuc Womens Conference 2023 2


Rachel Reeves – Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, attended the conference for a brief half an hour. She was asked some questions from the floor including being asked the question set by Julia ahead of the conference:

“The gender pay gap remains stubbornly high with an impact throughout working life and beyond into retirement. What action would a Labour Government take to close the gap within its first term of office?”

The response was that there is going to be a gender pay gap review, headed up by Frances O’Grady – The former TUC General Secretary, and that the ambition is to close the pay gap at a faster pace than the current expected 20 years.