Veronica Fiore
London & SE Region

UnionConnect Reps1

I’m proud to confirm that I took part to Unionreps Connect 2022 this year.

The event was held at the Congress Centre in London on the 6th October 2022, and it was a one-day event that brought together reps from unions across the UK, and offered learning lessons, training workshops and collaborative spaces for both new and experienced representatives.

After registration, coffee and pastry I was able to pick up some useful TUC publications and books in support of my role as a rep.

The agenda was interesting, and the main room welcomed hundreds of eager reps. Speakers included Ivory Riddel from RMT, with Becky Sixsmith-Hughes and Anna Kalsi from TUC who shared their own personal experiences on how reps can bring a positive change to the workplace and can work together to find the next generation of trade unionists.

Paul Nowak, General Secretary (Designate), warmed the audience up with a powerful and passionate speech on how we should bond together to face this current challenging time.

An utterly insightful overview of recent case law and what to expect in 2023 was given by Jo Seery, Professional Support Lawyer, Thompsons Solicitors.

More view from the picket line, inspirational stories from reps involved in recent industrial disputes and a presentation of the TUC’s new Solidarity Hub followed. ACAS gave us an overview of the role of conciliation in individual disputes, the role of the rep, and how the process could be improved.

UnionConnect Reps3